A perfect day for disc golf

85 degrees in October, not the most ideal conditions for a climber looking for fall conditions to push their limits. But such it is right now in the mid-Atlantic. So what’s the next best thing?

How about checking out one of the 10+ disc golf courses with in 30 minutes of the 21230! With so many to choose from, we went to DGCourseReview.com for a few reviews. After a quick search we settled on the Druid Hill park’s course. Located near the Baltimore Zoo, we headed there after a late breakfast.

What did we find?

Druid Hill course is great. Perfect for all. A few quick bullets:

  • The course uses the property to its fullest. A whole 18 holes twist and turn through the wooded ad field property. No hole is overly long or too short. Druid_Hill_Map
  • The course is well marked. First all of the tee box information is accurate and in great repair. With not only pin location but fairway distance & next hole location at each tee box, you would think you were at a PGA course. The lettering/clasp on the pole corresponds to where the pin is currently located. dg dg2
  • Everyone we met were very friendly. We even got a free map and a few pointers. God knows I need the help.
  • Plenty of parking

Any tips?

  • We played with mid-range & putter discs, and never wished for more. I am sure the more serious player could use a larger quiver, but that was perfect for us.
  • Sunscreen. A large amount of the course gets sun, and it gave us a light toasting.
  • Bring your running shoes and hit a quick run before or after. Great for a quick road 5K
  • Got time for dinner? The you MUST check out The Corner and The Other Corner in Hampden. Delicious! One of the best restaurants in Baltimore!

So get out there, get dirty,  and enjoy one of Baltimore’s parks!

Forget Fall, Summer is back?

With the weather taking a a few steps back and staying fabulous for a bit longer, we have been training outside to take advantage as long as possible. With so many parks and outdoor resource right at our finger tips, we have no excusses. But if you need some help here are our 5 best reasons to head outdoors for your next work out:


1) Get a bit of sun-shine and vitamin D. Sure you can take supplement, but why not get it for free!

2) Variety! No one likes to be bored working out inside the same 4 walls, so why not visit one of the various parks in the 21230 to spice it up?

3) You will work out longer. Headed on a run along the Inner Harbor? bet you will run longer and farther than if you were longing miles on a tread mill.

4) Get inspired! A morning work out at Federal Hill during the sunrise can help you trigger your personal “Rocky” moment. 

5) No waiting for the gym to open. The great outdoors is always waiting for you!


Excited but need a  few suggestions on where to where to work out when outside in the 21230? Here are a few of our favorites!

1) Inner harbor:  A great place to grab a run, whether it be intervals or longer, slow distance. Very easy to link it up with a session at Federal Hill.

2) Federal Hill:  A great resource. Hill climbs/intervals? Got ‘em. Box jumps? Got ‘em! Pull up stations? Got ‘em, too!

3) Riverside Park: Nice and open park. Great mix of facilities and surfaces to work out on.



photoView from Federal Hill after a workout


Rhabdo, Crossfit, and common sense.

Lots of articles, points & counterpoints, and stances have been taken since CrossFit’s Dirty Little Secret was published on Medium.com. Detractors of Crossfit have been waiving the article as why CF is unsafe and dangerous. CF supporters have called foul, citing their reasons and points.

Lots of stuff going on here, and it could be debated till the end of time. The best (IMHO) response on the topic is coming from Layne Norton. He is knowledgeable on not only the exercise sciences, but also has a deep first hand understanding of coaching and performance.

Till next time: Train smart, train hard, and use common sense.

Rock State Park bouldering: First Impressions

The leaves are changing and cooler mornings mean the Fall bouldering season for MD is about to begin. Excited to see check out a new area and get acquainted before the season kicks into high gear, we headed to Rock State Park. Located north west of SOBO, it took just under an hour to arrive. In a nutshell, here were the first impressions:

-Classic mid-Atlantic bouldering. Moby Dick (does it get any better?)

-Pretty solid rock.

-Quick access. Car to first boulders was about 5 minutes

-Great scenery

In fact there was really anything we were not a fan of, except maybe it being an hour away. Which isn’t really bad: an easy and scenic drive. Go armed with this mini guide and you can’t go wrong.

Highlights of the trip were getting to climb a pile of moderates, check out Moby Dick, The Truck Driver problems, and a cool roof problem. I am looking forward to getting back there soon!


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